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Shell Chemical Company makes sales proactively using Microsoft® Excel.

To anticipate customers’ needs is to be rewarded with their business.


The sales staff for Shell Chemical Company had a random method of soliciting orders. In the old days the routine was to work through an alphabetical list of customers, making phone calls to those who had not ordered any product yet that month. In their business there is minimal difference in either the price or quality of chemical products from one producer to another. So, often the determining factor between whether Shell got the business or a competitor was simply whoever called at the time the customer had a need. If the salesperson called a customer too early, they didn’t get an order. If they waited for a customer to call, then they risked losing the sale to a competing supplier.


Beyond Technology worked with the sales team at Shell Chemical Company to use a database of customers’ past order history to forecast their needs. Harnessing the powerful calculation engine of Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications [ VBA ] to automatically process thousands of records each week, we designed a tool that used past order frequency and volume to provide salespeople with an ability to predict individual customers’ product requirements, often even before the customer. The operation would run automatically every Sunday night, so on Monday morning the sales staff would be able to call just the customers most likely to be due to reorder products.

The effectiveness of their sales calls was received with amazement – customers were very impressed that the sales representative for Shell Chemical Company had known when they would need more products. It’s easy to see that Shell wins their business. In addition to increasing sales, this saves the company hundreds of hours of employee time each month by proactively focusing on customers likely to have a need the time. Who do you think is most satisfied – Shell’s customers? Shell’s sales staff? Shell’s management?

Beyond Technology brings you more than technical competence – but business savvy: We understand finance. We understand budget planning and forecasting. We understand portfolio management. We understand manufacturing and distribution. Most importantly – we understand business problems and how to solve them.

Beyond Technology is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading Microsoft® Excel VBA development firms. And, even so, creating effective application solutions involves more than just technical skills. Beyond Technology has experience delivering vital solutions to business issues, building with the same software tools in which companies have already invested.

With high-return project investments such as executive information systems for product sales forecasting and statistical models for market planning – Beyond Technology understands better than anyone, how to build cohesive timesaving solutions within your Microsoft Office suite.

When the time arrives that you need a real Excel VBA professional, I’ll be delighted to talk with you about developing your project. Remember, my goal is to help you reach yours.

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Experience the advantage of tailored Excel programs.

Custom application work is US$ 135 per hour and your project is developed personally by Rodney POWELL ( former Microsoft MVP - Excel ).

Consulting engagements range from as few as 10 hours to as large as 1,600 hours. While every project is unique, typically an Excel VBA project averages around 150 to 200 hours.

With the help of a genuine professional Excel VBA developer, you can implement your application the right way the first time !

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