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Schlumberger takes control of the enterprise using Microsoft® Excel.

Financial reporting can be a challenging endeavor.


Each reporting period for Schlumberger the staff is confronted with a resource intensive ordeal. Using a combination of an outdated mid-frame computer program along with spreadsheets, budget planning posed a resource drain on the accounting staff. Too often, producing reports involved manually cutting and pasting figures into the various required company formats. There were lots of files scattered here and there, all requiring similar financial data, but not well integrated. That meant that every report had to be handled separately and everyone seemed to have a different way of doing things, which made top-level financial reporting especially challenging.


Beyond Technology worked with Schlumberger on a strategy integrating the various components of their financial reporting. The first part was a planning / project costing model for worldwide budget administration, consolidation, reporting, and analysis. Next we included a multi-currency breakeven model – a vision of the organization’s chief controller – to perform “what if” analysis across the company’s manufacturing and engineering enterprise. Tightly coupled with this we added a performance meter for analyzing year to year worldwide financial performance with adjustments for inflation impact. And, finally we developed a functional set of profit & loss tools for monthly consolidation and reporting of financial statements.

Although Schlumberger’s people have long been using Microsoft® Excel extensively throughout the organization, they were faced with challenges relating to continuity in reporting. We pulled together all related reports and the company’s controllers standardized on them. Whether their reports are in U.S. Dollars, French Francs, or Japanese Yen – they are always both consistent and reliable. Then we’ve harnessed the power of Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications [ VBA ] to automate hundreds of time-consuming manual tasks, freeing their professional staff to concentrate on the business. Altogether, this saves the company every month and information more apt to be accessible to employees.

Beyond Technology develops financial and engineering applications, with special expertise in budget planning, forecasting, investment portfolio analysis, decision support systems and data modeling. It all begins with a handshake, an expression of confidence and trust. For Beyond Technology, clients are also partners who benefit from shared knowledge, expertise, and a desire to be the best provider of information technology services in the world.

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