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Bechtel Corporation streamlines chemical plant design using Microsoft® Excel.

“An Engineer-in-a-Box”


Bechtel Corporation needed weeks to produce design specifications for vessels and heat exchangers used in chemical refining projects. Each project involved dozens of such components with a myriad of complex calculations needing to be run one by one and produced on a single datasheet along with a corresponding schematic drawing. The entire necessary process was expensive and tedious, demanding scarce time from highly paid engineers.


Beyond Technology worked with Bechtel on a set of applications to automate the design process by taking the sophisticated design principles used by their engineering team and incorporating them into a reusable software tool. They chose the already familiar environment of Microsoft® Excel. We made it possible for a single member of the engineering staff to populate a simple table listing some basic information. Then, he or she was able to import data from a Microsoft Access database simulating stream flow properties of various liquid and gaseous elements. The design specifications for each part were matched automatically with a corresponding technical drawing created with Visio. Finally, with the simple push of a button hundreds of variables could be brought together in the model and weeks of labor needed for sizing an entire project were reduced to just minutes. Was it reliable? Yes! – In fact, if a user happened to make an input error, the model would detect it and flag that component for review by an engineer.

The outcome was a set of easy to use tools that made the valuable time of Bechtel’s engineering staff much more efficient. We used Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications [ VBA ] to automate hundreds of time-consuming manual tasks, freeing their professional staff to concentrate on other important aspects of the project. Furthermore, this enabled the company’s engineers to standardize on a set of design specifications. So, even if a new junior engineer runs this process in the future – they are confident that it will always both consistent and reliable. Altogether, this saves the company untold thousands of dollars on each project and employees are more satisfied with the convenience of the process and the quality of the output they are able to create.

If you only see Microsoft® Excel as a shrink-wrapped answer to the business world’s spreadsheet needs, look closer. You’ll discover a fully programmable platform that makes it possible to create analytical solutions for even the most highly specialized needs.

Beyond Technology can help you by developing custom workbooks with unique and controllable behavior, to build graphical presentations from databases, and to leverage the power of Microsoft® VBA to integrate Excel’s interface into a departmental or enterprise application. Whatever you can imagine. You are in control – and Beyond Technology supplies all the tools and services you need.

When the time arrives that you need a real Excel VBA professional, I’ll be delighted to talk with you about developing your project. Remember, my goal is to help you reach yours.

"Your results will count !"

Experience the advantage of tailored Excel programs.

Custom application work is US$ 135 per hour and your project is developed personally by Rodney POWELL ( former Microsoft MVP - Excel ).

Consulting engagements range from as few as 10 hours to as large as 1,600 hours. While every project is unique, typically an Excel VBA project averages around 150 to 200 hours.

With the help of a genuine professional Excel VBA developer, you can implement your application the right way the first time !

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