Automated Billing

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Automated Billing

Sharp Engineering handles their quality certification and invoicing using Microsoft® Excel.

Are time hungry paperwork tasks building up on you ?


Sharp Engineering is a local small business that does construction inspection and certification. For years, inspection certificates and invoices had been hand-typed and tracked manually. Instead of being able to take time off, the owner and his wife spent their precious free moments creating and managing these documents long after the “real work” the company was hired for was accomplished. Every certificate and invoice was handled individually and, consequently, the billing process was slow.


Beyond Technology worked with Sharp Engineering to develop a set of automated tools to generate and record documents that represent business activity. Now the administrator is able to import a simple data file delivered monthly by their field inspector. Using Microsoft® Excel customized with Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications [ VBA ] , at the push of a button they can create all the certificates and corresponding invoices. This actually reduced what once took days, and even sometimes weeks, to only a few minutes. Furthermore, an accurate record of each transaction is archived in a database for future reference. It enables the owner to get paid sooner and rewards him with the freedom to concentrate on more important facets of his business – like effectively serving his own clients. Altogether, this saves the company countless hours each month, since an entire process that was a major drain on their time now is literally at their fingertips.

Putting It All Together

Analysis and specification. User interface design. Database design. Expert programming skills. Documentation and support. Training. Beyond Technology can help you put all the pieces together.

Beyond Technology gives you a solid foundation for building your information solutions – years of specialized business application development experience. When you hire Beyond Technology, you get a prepared and highly qualified expert at your service.

Whether it’s a relatively small task or a multi-million dollar project, your work is handled with the utmost commitment to quality. Beyond Technology becomes an extension of your organization.

When the time arrives that you need a real Excel VBA professional, I’ll be delighted to talk with you about developing your project. Remember, my goal is to help you reach yours.

"Your results will count !"

Experience the advantage of tailored Excel programs.

Custom application work is US$ 135 per hour and your project is developed personally by Rodney POWELL ( former Microsoft MVP - Excel ).

Consulting engagements range from as few as 10 hours to as large as 1,600 hours. While every project is unique, typically an Excel VBA project averages around 150 to 200 hours.

With the help of a genuine professional Excel VBA developer, you can implement your application the right way the first time !

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