Microsoft Excel VBA Custom Solutions

Let’s say you want to be able to perform some specialized analysis, and there’s no off-the-shelf tool.  Microsoft Excel VBA solutions can be tailored to fit your specific business needs.

Maybe your existing approach has grown unwieldy.  At some point, managing spreadsheets can no longer be efficient.  We can automate many time-consuming manual processes.

You can leverage your desktop investment through customization.  Custom Excel VBA solutions utilize functionality already familiar to people.  Everyone gets up to speed more quickly, and the organization benefits through greater end-user productivity.


Deep Experience with Excel

For nearly two decades, I’ve designed Excel custom applications and helped companies put these solutions to work effectively.

Calling upon the powerful VBA programming features in Excel enables me to leverage an infinite array of “hidden” possibilities.

I’ve developed hundreds of projects over the years, so outstanding design concepts are fairly intuitive; this enables me to produce reliable solutions efficiently for clients.

As a client, you gain the benefit of much of my “real world” experience developing everything from financial applications to engineering solutions, including:

Often, part of the solution to a problem may already exist in my code library.  As a result, I can create solutions faster and more economically, which translates into shorter turnaround times and lower costs for you.


Real-World Expertise

I’ve worked with technical, engineering, accounting, finance, and managerial users of spreadsheet systems in dozens of industries and professions.

If you need a real Excel VBA professional, I’ll be delighted to talk with you about developing your project.  My goal is to help you reach yours !


Veteran Microsoft MVP – Excel

"Your results will count !"

Experience the advantage of tailored Excel programs.

Custom application work is US$ 135 per hour and your project is developed personally by Rodney POWELL ( former Microsoft MVP - Excel ).

Consulting engagements range from as few as 10 hours to as large as 1,600 hours. While every project is unique, typically an Excel VBA project averages around 150 to 200 hours.

With the help of a genuine professional Excel VBA developer, you can implement your application the right way the first time !

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 Automate repetitive or complex manual tasks Enhance/simplify user interface Prevent unwanted actions or enforce standards Streamline complex formulas or linkages Manage Data (import / export, conditioning) Reports to be more presentable & informative


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